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Innovative B2B marketing end-to-end systems

Today, the average B2B enterprise uses 13 different touch points to reach its audience. But only a few enterprises are good at measuring their marketing campaigns across channels. To help our clients improve their lead nurturing, we have developed a cross channel tracking platform, which we believe is unique to our business. The solution a combination of a CRM, a partner relationship management (PRM) system, a marketing automation platform and a call centre software solution, brings together data from multiple touch points to give a holistic view of the customer. It is used in every campaign we run, it allows us to track customer journeys and make recommendations for further action providing more value to our customers.

multi channel communication
multi channel communication

Multi-channel / Omni-channel approach

Customers nowadays interact with brands via a multitude of channels online, on the phone, and through social media. The secret of multi-channel marketing is to make sure that every part of the marketing mix supports and optimises the other.

We help you deliver seamless, consistent and integrated customer experiences across multiple touch points and devices. Our approach makes it easier for you to evaluate your overall marketing investment against your results.

Integrated in-house teams

Unlike most agencies, we have the ability to handle every single aspect of a multi-channel campaign in-house. Our 450 dedicated marketers have competencies right across the marketing mix. Whether it’s providing strategic advice, designing websites, organising events or managing social media programmes, we have the right skills to meet all of your requirements. Our fully integrated approach allows you to build a marketing engine that is exceptionally good at driving leads and acquiring new customers.

multi channel communication
multi channel communication

Being “GLOCAL”

Global presence, local insight. With 450 staff in 20 offices around the world, we have the capacity and knowledge to run campaigns on a global scale. At the same time, we have the ability to respond to local opportunities and requirements. Every year we design and deliver around 5,000 marketing campaigns at both global and local level. With Expandi, you really do get the best of both worlds.

Performance-based marketing

We understand the value of your marketing investment. That’s why we want to make sure you get the most out of it by delivering the results you expect and, if possible, more.

Our in-house marketing platforms and end-user database mean that we’re unique in being able to offer our clients a demand generation-as-a-service model, where you receive what you care about: qualified leads. And to emphasise our commitment to your success, we’ re prepared to work on a performance-related basis where appropriate.

multi channel communication
multi channel communication

Channel Performance-The Last Mile

The hardest part of the sales process is the ‘last mile’ – the moment when a sales person attempts to convert a prospect into a customer. This process is made more complicated by the complex web of channel partners (resellers, distributors, OEMs, etc.) that are usually involved in closing sales on the vendors’ behalf.

We can help you cover the last mile better than anyone else. Why? What we offer is a one stop solution that will boost your channel programmes including: Channel Recruitment, Channel Enablement, Pipeline Creation and Nurturing, Lead Closure techniques and Rewards schemes, Social and Digital Strategies for Channels.

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