Expandi Group is the largest fully owned B2B Demand Generation Agency in EMEA. Established in 2000 by former HP Managers anticipating trends and bringing innovative thinking around ROI marketing, we operate through 10 offices in EMEA bringing Innovation & B2B Expertise to our clients.

Intelligent data-driven Performance Marketing is our key driver with 2Billion sales pipeline generated each year, and full alignment with client goals and targets.

Our expertise, methodology, delivery engine and technology can now be leveraged at world-wide level via our newly created network of agencies called Expandi Network. Expandi Network is much more than a list of independent agencies scattered across the globe, it is a network of strong alliances that by leveraging local expertise, unique values and coverage can provide seamless and unified set of services to international clients that require global support and coverage.

Expandi Network, your reference point for superior result-driven global marketing and sales programs. You can see our locations and coverage here.

Company mission

Empowering every B2B organisation and individual to achieve growth through marketing innovation and effective ecosystems.

20 years of continuous innovation



The Expandi Group was founded in the year 2000 under the brand name NetPartnering. The founders wanted to offer companies across the world what would come to be largely known later as “Performance Marketing” the opportunity to work with online media on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per sale (CPS) model. The aim was to replace traditional and very expensive cost per impressions (CPM) models and deploy efficient e-business models for start-ups and established companies.

The concept was so innovative that the company was recognised as one of the 50 most innovative start-ups by the leading tech magazine at the time, Red Herring. Over the next 12 months, we signed contracts with leading companies such as HP, JP Morgan, Deutche Post, Deutche Bank, Fiat, Rizzoli-Corriere della Sera, Telecom Italia (RCS MediaGroup), etc. and the company (unusual for a start-up) gained coverage from leading news media (CNN, The Telegraph, Il Sole-24Ore, etc.).



In 2001, the internet sector collapsed and the investments in the field reduced dramatically. The Group saw an opportunity:  to consult companies in integrating internet with the other channels in what will be later called a “Multi-channel” or “Omni-channel” approach.  The Company proposed a wide and innovative set of consulting and marketing services to build an end-to-end customer experience through integrated marketing campaigns. Since then, the management team spent most of their time educating large corporations on how the “digital engine” needs to be “powered by” human touch and, in most of the cases, by physical channels.



But our innovation didn’t stop there, as market dynamics were changing new sales models started to appear. Competition and cost control became priorities so the company began proposing a new and innovative model of “channel marketing as a service” to increase market reach while reducing costs and time to market. Large IT companies would be able to outsource all or part of their channel marketing activities to an external agency making programs more effective and more controlled. It was the consolidation of a new marketing model between Vendors and channel partners. The success was so fast that during the following 10 years the company grew at two digits and multiplied its revenues by 25 times.

Most of the leading global IT companies such as HP, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Cisco, Google, Lenovo, VMware, Symantec, etc. adopted the model.  At the turn of the decade, Expandi Group was born and was operating under different brand names; becoming a recognised and leading B2B marketing agency for the IT Sector.

During this period, following client’s requests across the world, Expandi established more than 15 joint ventures to serve China, Japan, ASEAN markets, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and numerous other markets.  These years also saw the consolidation of our GLOCAL model: provide large organisations with a global and centralised marketing approach that would guarantee effectiveness, efficiency and common approach. This is coupled with a strong local presence so as to interact effectively with the local channel and adapt execution to local requirements. Thanks to this spectacular growth, the company received awards from a number of media and business organisations (Sunday Times, London Stock Exchange, etc.).



The next big change came as a response to the rise of social media and big data marketing in the B2B sector. Targeting clients and prospects suddenly became a completely different ball game. New content, a new language and format, and new communication channels were required, alongside a plethora of marketing technology tools that made the job much more complex and challenging for the clients and agencies.

Large vendors struggled to adapt to the changes, but their channel partners did suffer even more. The Group became pivotal in supporting this transition for all our clients; large and small. Hundreds of workshops and digital assessments where implemented together with consultancy services to support the digital transformation of hundreds of organisations.  At the same time, the Group invested more than €4m in building comprehensive B2B end user data and developing end to end marketing technology stack which included CRM, PRM, Marketing Automation, Social listening, Telemarketing applications, Lead management system and a number of other modules. The ultimate aim was to be able to monitor all the customer touch points and be able to access real time reporting and deliver communication based on customer behaviour.



Thanks to the investments in data and technology done by the company, Expandi had been able to realign the value proposition of the company and returned to its origins – once partially abandoned during the time of Internet crisis - and aimed to deliver to its clients a full “performance based marketing” offering.

Thanks to the power of big data and predictive analytics, we were able to deliver clear ROI to our clients and commit to a “Lead as a Service” model where our clients requested marketing services on a “cost per MQL”, a “cost per SQL” model, etc. Performance marketing results is not linked to digital tactics, but is calculated and analysed across the entire funnel management



and beyond

The entire company mission and vision is to continue innovating for our clients. In the years to come our “Performance Marketing” offering will be pivotal in ensuring the digital transformation of our clients and in delivering the best possible ROI in demand generation programs we deliver.

The “Lead as a Service” model is already representing a huge revenue growth for the organisation/ Starting at only 1% of our revenues in 2017, 3% in 2018, and now we have projected at least 10% of our revenues in 2019 and we expect it to represent 60% of our revenues by year 2021.

Expandi Group helps more than 75% of the top technology brands achieve their growth.

Source: InterBrand 2018


Our organisation operates mainly under the brand Expandi however it is composed by a group of specialist agencies. Each one of them ensures that we can deliver end-to-end, multi-channel programmes by offering scalability, faster go-to-market time and specialist advice, ensuring your marketing approach can adapt to change.

NetPartnering and OnChannel account and project managers are responsible for liaising with some clients and developing co-marketing, direct marketing and channel marketing campaigns. All our managers have many years’ experience in running end-to-end B2B programmes.

Expandi Match consultants are experts in B2B customer insights. They deliver innovative demand generation ‘as a service’ programmes to our clients.

We want you to be part of this ever evolving journey


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