B2B Demand Generation Services

Marketing is constantly changing, and marketers must constantly innovate to keep ahead of the pack.

It’s never been easy to deliver an effective B2B demand generation strategy, and in modern society it’s even harder because there are so many factors to take into consideration. Objectives, message, target audience, sales structure, culture, and relevance are just a few of these things.

Strategy Development

Expandi has built a unique methodology that is applied to every demand generation client and their individual needs. It’s flexible enough to create tailored strategies, and innovative enough to maintain relevance.

The Demand Generation Model

The marketing model starts with a strong foundation of performance marketing, data and segmentation and content development.

Performance Marketing

Performance and measuring ROI are inherent to everything that we do. To ensure that performance is enhanced, we share objectives and measurements among all players in the ecosystem so that everybody is aligned towards the same goals.

Data & Segmentation

Once goals are aligned, the market is precisely segmented and targeted. Technology allows collection and analysis of data from whole prospect companies down to single decision makers - including their interests and their position in the buying process.

Communication Channels

Once the foundation is laid, the communication strategy can be designed. No one channel fits all, so an omni-channel approach is utilised to interact with companies through numerous mediums. This is a complex and difficult approach, but it appears seamless and fluid.

Technology Integration

A successful demand generation strategy requires innovative technology that is fully integrated to make each moving piece work synchronously together.

Marketing automation tools, company CRM, Lead Management System, Social Listening tools and Outbound Call systems integrate to provide the bigger picture of customers and prospects, thus maximising conversion opportunities.

Technology evolves constantly, and up-to-date technology is used to help keep clients relevant in today’s competitive marketplace.

Partner Alignment

Many companies rely heavily on channel partners to serve their clients and promote their products. Demand generation can only be effective if every stage of the process is working in harmony towards a common goal and can fail to deliver if these channel partners are not fully aligned.

Expandi understands the importance of our clients’ alliances and partners being kept well informed. They must be reminded of their own value, trained to make effective follow ups, and motivated to achieve more.

Account Based Marketing

Instead of using a wide net approach, Account based marketing strategy identifies the best individual accounts to target at strategic level and in conjunction with sales build campaigns around. The traditional account profiling approach takes full advantage of technology. Using the latest social and digital media technology buyer intent analysis and account mapping is carried out. Decision makers and influencers are identified and tailored content is created for each account to market to them directly maximizing your impact.

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