multi channel communication

Performance-based marketing

Expandi Group understands the value of your marketing investment, and make sure that you get the most out of it by delivering the results you expect.

The in-house marketing platforms and end-user database mean that this is a unique approach at a global scale, offering clients a demand generation-as-a-service model, from which customers obtain qualified leads. They are prepared to work on a performance-related basis where appropriate.

Innovative end-to-end B2B marketing systems

Today’s marketing takes advantage of multiple customer touch points to reach target audiences; yet only a few organisations are good at measuring how their marketing campaigns attract traffic across all channels.
A cross-channel tracking platform helps to improve overall results, lead nurturing and finally ROI. This is a groundbreaking way to conduct B2B marketing business.
When a CRM, PRM, marketing automation platform, and call centre software are used cohesively, data about the customer can be retrieved from multiple sources. This strategy is used in every campaign, allowing the team to track a client’s development, make targeted recommendations, and measure ROI success.

multi channel communication
multi channel communication

Multi-channel marketing made simple

Customers are now interacting with brands in numerous different ways. Brands can reach consumers through traditional marketing, but also through online channels, social media platforms, and other innovative ways.

Consequently, multi-channel marketing needs to be used to reach customers and create demand. This approach requires an effective and custom multi-channel demand generation engine to be designed that will maximise ROI and bring together different channels in a symbiotic nature.

Integrated in-house settings

Unlike most B2B marketing agencies, the team handles every aspect of a multi-channel campaign in-house, managing complex international marketing programmes.

They help clients to define B2B marketing strategies and planning. Ranging from strategic advice, website design, event management or social media platforms coordination, Expandi Group’s team have a range of specialisms; not only do they have the right skills, but also the predisposition to meet your requirements.

multi channel communication
multi channel communication

‘Glocal’ marketing - global presence, local insight

450 staff in 15 offices around the world provides the capacity and expert knowledge to run complex and multifaceted marketing campaigns globally.

They respond and adapt their products to local opportunities and requirements, and every year they design and deliver over 5,000 marketing campaigns at both global and local level.

Converting Prospects in the Last Mile

The most challenging component of the sales process is the ‘last mile’, when sellers attempt to convert a prospect. This is made more complicated by the complex web of channel partners (resellers, distributors, OEMs, and so on) that are involved in closing sales on the sellers’ behalf.

Expandi Group can help you cover the last mile better than anyone else.
Because the strategy includes effective solutions that boost your channel programmes, including: Channel Recruitment, Channel Enablement, Pipeline Creation, and Nurturing, Lead Closure techniques and Rewards schemes, Social and Digital Strategies for Channels.

multi channel communication