Expandi Match

When Intent and Prospect’s Data Deliver Superior Demand Generation Results.

Expandi Match Limited (EML), a fully owned company by Expandi Group, is a European data provider of B2B smart data services for marketing and sales organisations.

Its data base of companies and decision makers has been developed throughout the years via direct collection of publicly available data sources such as the internet, open-source data providers or other social media channels, via acquisitions from third parties suppliers or via direct data subject consensus during the execution of marketing campaigns (for ex over the phone, on landing pages forms, etc.).

The data collected and stored in our system is purely related to the business-to-business sector, no individual private information or sensitive data is collected, stored, managed, or shared in any way. All company data is regularly checked with legal data (chamber of commerce) to verify its validity.

Expandi unique value

Thanks to Expandi machine learning and analytics tools, a strong team of data scientists and marketing experts we enrich and analys the data constantly to deliver to our B2B customers superior and effectives sales and marketing demand generation programs using intelligently targeted lists of prospects.

Key numbers

Our data covers the entire European Market and beyond with a focus on companies with over 100 employees with both HQ and local entities represented. The data is updated daily.

Find out how Expandi can boost your results with its marketing and sales services powered by the Expandi Match data base, contact us today!

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Digital Marketing Workshop Agenda

Getting started

  • Welcome

  • Current landscape

  • Marketing 2.0

Strategy & Planning

  • Planning

  • Persona marketing

  • Messaging

  • Creating great content

  • Digital customer journey

  • Nurturing cycle


  • Paid media and networks

  • Owned strategy and leveraging channels

  • Earned strategy and social media outreach

  • Test and measurement

Social Marketing Workshop Agenda

Getting started

  • Welcome

  • Current landscape

  • Getting started with Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ and more

Content and Inbound

  • Introduction to Inbound Marketing

  • Content and context

  • Content creation

  • Content curation

  • Content amplification

Social selling and CRM

  • Twitter lists

  • Social analytics

  • Influencer marketing

  • Social CRM with tools