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A new pay-per-lead model

Our performance-based marketing goes much farther than online advertising and pay-per-click or pay-per-lead models.

These models are limited and offer only a fraction of what can be achieved. Our performance-based models embrace all marketing tactics and produce viable sales-ready leads instead of clicks and registrations.

Each step of our model is measurable and aligned with the sales objective set before the campaign starts.

As the cloud computing industry enters its second decade, it continues to drive innovation in how organisations work.

Cloud technology enables us to experience endless possibilities that help businesses grow and learn in ways we couldn’t have previously imagined.

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of B2B companies allocate more than half of their budget to Lead Generation


of b2b companies say marketing sourced leads Contribute less than 25% of company revenue

Source: Technology Market, 2018
1568 respondents
83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020¹
56% of all workflow is estimated to be in the cloud during 2018²
of B2B companies struggle with lead generation
And only 5-10% of identified leads are converted due to ineffective nurturing

Remuneration is linked to the client’s goals..

..and we use the same metrics to track success – this way any performance deviation can be promptly acted upon and rectified. This inevitably means B2B companies can invest their marketing budget more efficiently and boost their overall ROI.

What makes the Expandi model unique?

Expandi has created a performance-based marketing model that defines targets and tactics in a modular way, boosting campaign ROI at its foundation.

Step 1

In line with the client’s objectives, we select the best target audience proven to be active in digital channels and showing an interest in our client’s offering.

Step 2

Once identified, we begin nurturing the audience to highlight prospects with a more mature level of interest using a mixture of tactics ranging from email marketing to targeted advertising.

Step 3

The final step brings in human interaction as targeted outbound calls to our nurtured contacts further qualify and identify interest levels. Qualified leads are moved to the Sales Engagement phase that checks budget availability, timeframe, and decision-making power which results in a Sales Qualified Lead being generated and passed on to the client’s sales division.

These are the three key elements that make our model unique:

A wide proprietary database of highly qualified contacts categorised and scored through buyer intent analysis.
A strong team of marketers to plan and execute performance-based marketing campaigns across all of Europe.
A marketing technology platform that tracks and scores any customer interaction, applying predictive analytics for smarter targeting.
Leads that convert from MQL to SQL
Payment linked to performance

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