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How to boost the ROI of your B2B marketing programmes


Is performance marketing the 'next big thing' in B2B Marketing?

B2B Marketing has released its 2019 Benchmarking Report, highlighting what’s hot in the business marketing world. While GDPR and data privacy remains a top priority in 2019, performance marketing is the big thing we’re talking about this year as it’s rapidly risen to become one of the most important trends of 2019.

“We’re seeing more and more interest in performance marketing and we expect this to increase in the future. Performance-based marketing is a sure-fire way of boosting your client’s sales win rate while also ensuring you spend your time and resources on the highest quality of leads”

Raffaele Apostoliti

President and CEO
Expandi Group

click here to read the 2019 market insights analysis
(B2B Marketing Benchmarking report)
click here to read the 2019 market insights analysis
(B2B Marketing Benchmarking report)
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How does a performance marketing model work?

Over the past two years, Expandi, anticipating the trend, has invested considerably in the internal development of proprietary data, martech technology and predictive analytics which allows us to deliver a significant number of performance-based marketing programs and campaigns.

"Marketers are under pressure to show all the different touchpoints and provide clearer, better customer data."

However, Performance Based Marketing is no panacea of quick fix, it takes time to get it right. This can be a barrier for both clients and agencies. You have to spend time upfront building the model but in the long term everyone will benefit, and you can adjust the strategy to be more profitable.

How does it work in practice? Expandi is acknowledged to be the leader in this field. In our article in the B2B Benchmarking report, we outline six principles that should underpin any client or agency’s approach to performance marketing in B2B.

Click here to read our article on performance-based marketing (B2B Marketing Benchmarking report)
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