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Global IT Brands and agencies already use our unique data, tech platforms and services to maximize the results of their marketing investments

Case Studies

Explore examples of how Expandi's clients improved the results of their marketing and sales activities with our world-beating services and intent data and advertising platforms.

Lenovo Case Study

Building a High-Value Pipeline for Lenovo with Account Based Advertising

Although Lenovo is a globally recognized brand, its Lenovo Data Centre was essentially an unknown brand within the enterprise companies and government institutions identified as ideal customers. Lenovo was looking at a marketing strategy that would address this issue, raise awareness on the brand, and build a strong pipeline.

Find out how an Account Based Marketing approach can help develop a brand.

TT Tecnosistemi
HPE and TT Tecnosistemi security solutions get a boost via Expandi’s Data and Account Based Advertising solutions

TT Tecnosistemi, part of Digital Value Group, an innovative Italian IT solutions provider, partners with HPE to help their clients prevent cyberthreats offering a wide range of security solutions. Through partnering with Expandi, TT Tecnosistemi boost its position in the marketplace as a trusted partner and develops a strong pipeline.

Find out how precise targeting of purchase-Intent accounts optimized TT Tecnosistemi’s marketing budget.

Tecnosistemi Case Study
Wall Mounted Displays Case Study

Leader in Wall Mounted Displays
How Expandi lands new clients with hyper-accurate targeting and advertising

Perfect for creating a spectacular display, the microLED display technology makes a bold statement in any business environment. Yet as there are a huge range of display systems for businesses to choose from, our client drew on Expandi’s expertise to ensure carefully coordinated and timely promotional messaging was targeted only at accounts who were already in the buying window.

Find out how Account Based Advertising with Intent could help you.


Testimonials Lenovo

“The REACT model made sense for us from the beginning. If we could activate our 38 key accounts and create leads for the salespeople to follow up, we had achieved our goal. Account Based Marketing will certainly be part of our future strategy.”

Poul Bastrup, Head of Marketing - Lenovo Data

Testimonials tmp

“I’ve been incredibly impressed by AccountInsight’s custom B2B audiences. Plugging their IP-based audiences into our DSP gives us an effective way to target companies in Europe, which has been notoriously difficult under GDPR. Additionally, it has enabled us to run programmatic video campaigns targeting key accounts, which is something we weren't able to previously do. We have seen strong CTRs outperforming our industry benchmark.”

Talal Al-Mohamed, Programmatic Executive - The Marketing Practice

Testimonials tts

“Thanks to leveraging the Expandi Data we had previously purchased, along with their Digital Advertising Services and its team, we were able to detect a high number of opportunities and nurture our pipeline with prospects to follow up in the future. The digital advertising helped us to make our brand much more visible in the marketplace within the audience of interest.”

Chiara Guasti, Head of Marketing & Communication - TT Tecnosistemi

Testimonials B2B

“The new Performance Marketing Model: a marketing idea whose time appears to have come, and Expandi Group has been espousing for some years.”

Joel Harrison, Editor-in-Chief, B2B Marketing, UK

Testimonials hp

“NetPartnering, an Expandi company, helped us design and implement an innovative co-marketing concept that significantly contributed to the development of our distribution channels and end-user markets.”

Jos Brenkel, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Sales Strategy & Operations - HP Inc.

Testimonials philips

“We started the collaboration with Expandi Group on a pilot project. The results over-achieved our expectations, so we decided to extend the programme. Thanks to this solid experience we are now thinking of the future together.”

Alberto Paglialonga, Marketing Manager - Philips Lighting, Italy

Testimonials olsonic

HP First Gold Partner, Olsonic, co-operates with NetPartnering, an Expandi company, to create long term lead generation on HP print solutions.
Click to watch the video about how Olsonic benefits from this co-operation.

Testimonials mpy

“I am extremely satisfied with the campaign execution so far. The lead quality and campaign planning was done really well. With this campaign we gained some very interesting customers and we certainly would like to continue.”

Kari Ahlqvist, Regional Director B2B Sales - MPY, Finland

Testimonials sme

“For us, it is absolutely crucial to be able to engage prospects from the first contact, thanks to the model proposed by Expandi Match, the contacts provided were very sales-ready leads with a high probability of conversion.”
Watch the video to learn more.

Alessia Catoni - Chief Marketing Officer- Sme.UP

Testimonials atlantica

“The new lead generation model proposed by Expandi is based on in-depth conversations among their IT experts and the prospects. They have proven to understand the needs of the prospects and can profile their requirements in a clear and comprehensive way. This is a different approach compared to what the average telemarketing agency on the market is capable of doing using much less skilled agents.”

Gianluca Spinello, Marketing Manager, Atlantica Sistemi, Italy

Testimonials arrow

“The performance-based marketing campaigns delivered via the VMware co-marketing program is an excellent model for Distributors as it allows to boost Partner’s business with direct VMware business opportunities (leads). The leads distributed have proven to be good and with comprehensive information on the prospect’s IT requirements. The Distributors are handling the process and the value we bring to the table is very clear and well perceived. For the Partners it is for once easy to join so the recruitment process was fast. There is a clear process to distribute and track leads progression by partners and partners can be mapped by location so leads can be distributed in a logical manner.”

Erne Kangas, VMware Business Manager, Arrow ECS Finland Oy

Testimonials ballou

“Our experience with Expandi Group is very positive and professional. Expandi Group did a remarkable job with the lead description, providing us with lots of information, facts and details of the respondents and their specific needs. Their project team asks the right questions and understands the prospects responses and unique needs, making it a lot easier for us to follow up on the leads. Expandi Group has also been flexible in terms of coordination, requesting of material adjustment and fast decision-making. It was a pleasure to work with Expandi Group.”

Patrik Stjerna, Head of Sales – Ballou, Sweden

Testimonials tts

“Thank you to Expandi for the level of attention and professionalism shown by the entire team involved in the planning and execution of our campaign. We now see them as an extension of our own internal team rather than a supplier. Thanks to all programs executed with them, both co-marketing and Lead as a Service, we were able to obtain far greater results in all our lead generation activities.”

Chiara Guasti, Marketing Manager, TT Tecnosistemi, Italy

Testimonials antisa

“At Antisa, we have discovered that the pay per lead service offered by Expandi fully meets our requirements in terms of quality of the contacts and lead content. The client’s needs are very specific and the description of the opportunities allowed us to get a fairly accurate idea of the estimated budget required for the project. Compared to traditional telemarketing campaigns, we saw the conversion rate with this new model is much higher.”

Ignacio Romero - Financial Director – Antisa, Spain

Testimonials colaboratic

“Expandi has provided us exceedingly qualified leads of higher quality compared with other types of campaigns. This way of collaborating has benefited us in several ways allowing us to identify and gain new valuable customers, new opportunities and ultimately achieve better results.”

Fernando Riera Candel - Account Director, Colaboratic, Spain


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