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Worried about data compliance?
Drive your revenue with fully GDPR compliant data

Expandi Limited is made of a group of companies specialized in the consulting, planning and implementation of sales and marketing programs and the delivery of SaaS marketing and data platforms and services for SMB, medium size and large companies in the B2B sector. We maintain a data base of companies, business profiles and intelligent data across all B2B sectors at global level.

B2B organisations and agencies can leverage this unique asset to implement effective marketing activities from branding to lead generation across their or their clients’ funnel in a fully compliant way.

How We collect information

Expandi collects information from a variety of public and private validated sources, direct engagement, and prospecting over multiple channels such as email, phone, web sites, social channels, events, etc.

All company data is checked for accuracy against country specific chamber of commerce agencies and regularly validated by our algorithms and teams of experts.

We also collect some data automatically. The automated means that may be used to collect this information may include cookies, web beacons, scripts and tags. We may also use third-party website analytics tools that collect automated information about visitor traffic on sites.

Data Compliance

The data collected and stored in our system is purely related to the business-to-business sector, no individual private information or sensitive data is collected by the company nor shared with any third party.

The data is collected and processed by Us only for our own and our clients’ legitimate business interest. We remove data from our systems when consent has been removed or when it no longer serves the legitimate interest.

Personal contact details are shared with third-party organisations only when explicit consent has been obtained from the interested party while pseudonymized details (not directly associated with a specific individual) can be shared with third-party organisations for advertising purposes.

Data Security

Expandi has taken all precautions to safeguard the data it holds. A series of security measures and policies have been put in place to minimise unlawful usage of all data and company assets.

We use only GDPR compliant CRM and storage software.

Expandi is registered with the GDPR authority in Italy and with ICO, the UK regulator.