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Supercharge your revenue with Expandi-Cyance Intent Data

Businesses are researching the problems you solve. We track over 24 billion global data events each month to find businesses looking for your services. Use our platform to identify your best-fit accounts, grow pipeline, reduce churn, and win more deals.

With Expandi Cyance, you are only tracking account behaviour that is relevant to your specific products and services. With our Value Score, you get a holistic view of your target accounts - so you know what they are interested in, where they are in the buying journey, and how they respond to your content and sales outreach.

Expandi-Cyance is the leading provider of B2B intent data for businesses of all sizes and industries wanting to grow.

Provides sales & marketing teams with insights to supercharge revenue.


What Makes
Expandi-Cyance Unique?

Custom Intent Keywords

Standard and Custom Intent Keywords

Expandi Cyance uses thousands of online sources to identify and match companies with your ideal customer profile.

Our platform allows you to track companies that are researching certain keywords across thousands of websites & publishers. Our support team will help YOU define and identify the keywords that are deeply relevant to your business - unlike other platforms which insist you select fixed topics from a predetermined list, we will create lists based on existing topics and bespoke searches.

This is important because, with Expandi Cyance, you are only tracking account behaviour that is relevant to your specific products and services - rather than getting inaccurate or broad indications of intent. And with our Value Score, you get a holistic view of your target accounts - so you know what they are interested in, where they are in the buying journey, and how they respond to your content and sales outreach.

Unbeatable Coverage

Unbeatable Coverage

Our platform shows you when a prospect is exhibiting intent to purchase products & services like yours, by tracking their behaviour and research patterns using standard and custom keywords that are unique to your business, across multiple channels and media.

We mix intent data at account level (top down) with intent at individual level (bottom up) delivering a deeper and comprehensive outlook on account readiness to buy so you can focus on those accounts actively researching your solutions and meaningfully engage with them.

With our omni-channel intent data we collect signals across different media covering the entire funnel (top-medium-bottom). Rather than track solely paid-media channels we track intent from emailing, phone interactions, on-line events, social or paid media, etc. giving the most comprehensive view on a buying journey status.

Multilingual Intent Signals

Truly Local with Multilingual Intent Signals

We are the leading provider of intent data outside of the US. Our buyer intent signals include over 55,000 sources, with more than 30,000 from Europe including local digital media in local language. Per fiscal quarter, we track 24 billion B2B data events across Europe and APAC.

But what do these numbers mean? Well, when benchmarked by marketing agencies, Expandi Cyance was found to track roughly 60% more data than our closest competitors in Europe. With our platform, you can track European intent, enter new markets, and expand your global reach.

Expandi Cyance is the only platform that supports customisation and intent discovery in multiple languages including Danish, Dutch, French, Finish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish with additional languages planned – enabling you to accurately find and target European high-intent buyers.

We offer dedicated in-territory customer success teams. Gain valuable insights into European intent signals through their in-depth understanding of the local market.

Cyance is also 100% GDPR compliant - and can provide legal documentation to demonstrate this. GDPR is often a reason why businesses work with us, as they know we’re the only B2B intent data provider they can trust to deliver accurate and compliant data.

Higher Reachability

Higher Reachability and Intent Taxonomy

Our multi-lingual, omni-channel and deeper categorisation of intent data will boost the results of your ABM or Account Based Marketing strategy. With ABM, you target high-value accounts that match your Ideal Customer Profile. Use our platform to pinpoint your best-fit, high-value accounts.

We track an account surging volume and overtime growth intent versus their peers, to know where they really are in the buying journey and what they are looking for. We categorise intent using far more taxonomies than competition so you can tailor your content accordingly to position yourself as the best solution – and win more deals.

But ABM is not limited to targeting new clients. Support customer retention by drawing upon accurate intent data insights to better understand your existing clients - any pain points they might have developed or whether they have entered a new buying cycle.

Intent Data in Action
Our platform is designed to intelligently support you in the following ways

Find your best-fit accounts

Find your best-fit accounts

Pinpoint prospect buyer stage

Pinpoint prospect buyer stage

Tap into European markets

Tap into European markets

Know industry trends and prospect interests

Know industry trends and prospect interests

Grow with capital efficiency

Grow with capital efficiency

Shorten sales cycles and increase revenue

Shorten sales cycles and increase revenue

Retain customers and reduce churn

Retain customers and reduce churn

Expandi services

Onboarding and Professional Services

Boost your ABM strategy with Expandi Account Based Advertising Platform

Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with the Expandi onboarding and professional managed services:

  • Platform onboarding services
  • Campaign execution and optimisation
  • Analytics services
  • Full Managed Services


What our clients say

“The initial reason for working with Cyance over any other intent data provider was simple - the accuracy of its European intent data was second to none. The deployment and set-up was seamless. As a result of becoming a more data driven sales force, we’ve been able to increase our productivity exponentially and also expand our use of Cyance into more markets to replicate those results.”

Head of Sales Operations & Business Development, European Leader in HCM Solutions

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