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Demand Generation

Power up your Demand Generation programs with data-driven marketing

What we do

Demand Generation is at the heart of any B2B company’s marketing strategy. You want better leads and higher conversion, but most demand-generation strategies are based on a typical prospect’s responses to specific vendor messages, tracked using the vendor’s and their agencies’ Marketing Automation systems.

Unfortunately, this offers a view of the customer journey that’s narrow and only partially effective.

At Expandi we gain a true understanding of the prospect’s needs by widening the approach to include responses to all relevant online interactions and messages, monitored by third party providers whose findings can be integrated into your and your agencies’ systems. Added to this, the tracking is holistically enhanced via real-time Analytics and Insights.

The future of Demand Generation

Boost your Demand Generation by taking a wider view of the Customer Journey

Expandi delivers real insight-driven leads on the accounts that really matter to you, combining a 360-degree multi-channel marketing approach integrated with our unique GDPR-compliant data and analytics platforms.

monitoring monitoring
Step 1

Constant monitoring and ranking of individuals and companies’ interactions with multi-brand, multi-channel messages and assets on all key IT solutions.

intent data intent data
Step 2

Intent data scoring by level of readiness and analysis using predictive models.

client specific client specific
Step 3

Demand generation, Branding and Awareness campaigns using client-specific and personalised messages only on highly targeted accounts and individuals.

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